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Commercial and Residential Excavation Needs

Welcome to CTS Excavation, your premier choice for comprehensive excavation services. We understand the significance of solid groundwork, which is why we bring top-notch professional excavation services to both commercial and residential projects. For inquiries, please don't hesitate to call us at 256-537-2596.



We provide demolition services for all kinds of projects -- business and industrial or residential. We also provide demolition services to insurance companies following disasters such as fires and tornadoes. No job is too big or too small.



Be it for a new home building project or land clearing, you can turn to us for affordable and reliable excavation & demolition services!



Multple Years of Ag Drainage Experience. Knowledge of Alabama Soil Types and Geography. Mapping that allows for future expansion and data analysis. Advanced Tech and Equipment.


CTS Excavations, Qualified, Well-Trained, & Cost-Effective

CTS is uniquely qualified to handle all of your excavation needs. Our excavation team is comprised of well-trained and educated professionals who provide you important information and the right expertise to guide you through your excavating projects as safely as possible and in the most cost-efficient manner. 



Our field operations are supervised by crew Members who are knowledgeable in all aspects of your individual excavating project. They can operate equipment as well as supervise and direct other crew members on project details. 


Excellent Supervision

With this excellent supervision and manpower we are able to perform and complete any portion of an excavation project in a timely and efficient manner, achieving the maximum production results with competitive pricing.


CTS Clearing

Clearing land for development is a heavy undertaking that needs to be assessed and executed by trained and experienced professionals. At CTS Excavations, our qualified personnel understand the logistics of land clearing in North Alabama, and come equipped to make quick work of your project. 


Residential Land Clearing

Building your dream home? Adding an extension to your existing home? Clearing your land for landscaping purposes? We’re on hand to help you expedite this process and can remove trees, shrubs, features and more to leave you with a clean slate and cost-effective.


Commercial Land Clearing

If you’re prepping land for commercial development, get in touch with us today for help in clearing and grading your plot. We’re able to remove trees, brush, shrubbery and any existing installations that may impede your ability to move forward with work.


Storm Drainage - CMP Installation

CTS Utilizes Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Ductile Iron Pipe, and High Density Polyethylene Pipe for storm drainage systems.


Storm/Grease Interceptor

Storm interceptor is a devise installed to filter the storm water before it drains to the public drainage system. There are several types of interceptors fabricated by various manufacture. Our well-trained staff will work with the manufacture to make sure device meet the engineering specification, deliver to site and install in place.


Water Distribution - General

Installing water distribution system to newly developed area. This includes connecting to the public utilities systems and extend service leads to individual homes and building. After system is installed, it will be hydro tested for leaks and chlorinated and disinfected from all bacterial objects.


CTS Pour In-Place Manholes

Manholes are Pre-fabricated at the manufactory and delivery to the site ready to install. Manholes are fabricated in accordance to governmental and engineering codes. Manholes will be grouted and sealed at points of connection and vacuum tested for any air leaks by our qualified personnel .


Installing Sewers

Installing and constructing sanitary sewer system to serve future development and commercial sites. Our staff and employees are very familiar with the local Cities' and Counties' codes, which allows us to handle either private and public utilities construction.


Sanitary Sewers

In some situation, pre-casted manhole will be difficult to install. Therefore, we use the method “Pour in Place” where the manhole will be formed using special engineered forms to meet all required dimensions and wall thickness. Then concrete will be delivered to the site to pour the manhole in place.


CTS Land Grading

Our grading services extend to all projects and we can grade to the precise degree you require. Our well-trained personnel specialize in grading for driveways and small roads to industrial sized commericla projects.


TracHoe Services

From trenching projects to digging culverts and beyond, our precision with a backhoe is unmatched, enabling us to provide a degree of backhoes services unparalleled by other excavating companies in the area.


Drainage Work

We specialize in drainage work for agricultural land and are your premier resource for digging drainage ditches, culverts and trenching for drain tile.
Knowledge of Alabama Soil Types and Geography and Mapping allows for future expansion and data analysis using the latest in Advanced Tech and Equipment.


Underground Utilities

Installation of underground utilities is a crucial process that relies upon precision and quality workmanship. This work is an important part of the infrastructure of modern life; CTS Excation's experience and commitment to excellence will ensure your underground utility construction is completed quickly and accurately.

CTS Excavations


Our dedicated pipe and utility crew is equipped with the tools necessary to handle an underground utility or pipe installation project of any size and scope. Our capabilities include sanitary sewer systems, storm drainage, water mains, forced mains, water services, and retention systems for above ground or underground use.

CTS Excavations

CTS Excavations Experts

Let our qualified personnel handle your project with the cost-effective care and expertise that will give you the peace of mind of knowing this important step is taken care of with an accuracy and quality you can count on.

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